LetterChop was the first app I released to the App Store. It's a basic but challenging player-vs-player word game that test your wits and vocabulary

I wrote the app's front end in Swift and the backend/ API using MySQL & the Python/ Flask framework. I also configured my own server. It features In-App Purchases, Push notifications, Friend Requests and Programmatic UI 

LetterChop is a user-vs-user word game where your team is assigned a target number. During your turn, you're given a letter, a category and 7 seconds to type a word that starts with the given letter and falls within the given category. The goal is to use the character count of each submitted word to chop down the target to 0.

Website: https://www.letterchop.com/


User signup/ login


Simple UI navigation

Create new games with friends or random users in single player or multiplayer mode

100% programmatic UI

Validation on the server for each submitted word