My girlfriend loves to plan out our upcoming trips down to the activities she wants to do while on them. It wasn't until our third trip together that I realized she planned out these details across Excel spreadsheets, various notebooks and/ or notes and reminders on her phone. She claimed that most, if not all, of the trip planner apps currently on the App Store were freemiums, charging for things like date reminders and such, and often offered too much, making them kind of a hassle to use.

With all this in mind, I decided to build a bare bones trip planner app for her to use. Once it was finished I decided I was pretty happy with it, slapped a simple UI on it and shipped it to the App Store!

Link to code on GitHub:



Clear separation of interfaces, data sources, app flow & business logic to keep ViewControllers minimal


Swift protocols map out blueprints of major functionality

Extends UIView for custom view tap animations

Factory design pattern to reduce UI object code in view models