I'm a pretty big PUBG fan. I watch my favorite streamers stream the game on Twitch almost daily. One huge issue these days is stream snipers. Stream snipers have a streamers broadcast on another monitor while they play the game to gain an unfair advantage over the streamer. The issue got so bad that sometimes streamers will stop playing the game altogether. Some streamers take note of repeat offenders when they can and report them.

I built SniperSniper to help streamers analyze their recent games, pulling data from PUBG's official developer API, to gain insight to which players have been showing up way more often than others. SniperSniper also shows players who've queued into multiple consecutive games, ie) player "x" queued into 5 of your games in a row.

In this app I dealt with the largest data sets I have ever worked with before. A single API call returns all matches played within the last 14 days. Streamers make a living playing, and normally play about 300-350 matches in this time frame. There are 100 players each match.